On the internet the economics of roulette are different. This allows some online casinos to offer stakes as low as 1 cent (1c). Roulette at a land casino usually starts at 50 cents for colours and 2 euros for the outside.

Saying that, there aren’t many places where you can play 1c roulette. The only one I know of is from Sky Vegas. This online casino offers a very low roller roulette table. They are targeted at British users but if you sign up with a Euro account you can play from 1 cent a spin of the wheel. With a maximum bet of €50 and 1c minimum there is a large difference in max and min bet so great for testing out roulette systems. Thats a 1c minimum bet on the outside too! You can win a cent when you bet on red. Utter madness.

Sky Vegas offers European roulette. Visit Sky Vegas. If you are from the UK, you can get a £10 no deposit bonus too.

Roulette Euro Lo Roller Payouts:

Bets Payout to Winning Hand
Single Numbers (Straight Up) 36x
2 Way Split 18x
3 Way Street 12x
4 Way Corner 9x
6 Way Split 6x
Any Dozen or Column 3x
1-18 or 19-36 2x
Odd or Even 2x
Red or Black 2x
Roulette for 1p
Play roulette for 1p Play roulette for 1 cent

at Sky Vegas