Big Maximum Bets Online Roulette

High stakes roulette is very risky. You can win big but you can lose big. The highs and the lows are multiplied a lot more when playing for big stakes. Be very careful .

High stakes online means something different to high stakes in a land casino. Land casinos might offer a maximum bet of £500 on the outside. This is prudent as a big winner can wipe out a casino or at least the profits from the night.

Casinos work using the law of large numbers. Many players, playing for a long time will guarantee a profit for the casino. With, just say 1 player and 1 bet, the casino has an almost 50/50 chance of making money or losing money. With more players the chances of casinos losing money is practically nil. As online casinos have many more players than the land based equivalents’ then they can offer much higher stakes.

If you are going to play high stakes, play as little as possible so the house edge doesn’t kick in. In the long run the casino will win but in the short term its possible to make a lot of money playing roulette. Compare to playing most other forms of gambling, roulette has a good payout. Think of those pub slot machines. The most I have seen is 80%. Roulette with the right rules pays out 98.6%.

The right rules means En Prison or Le Partage rules. This rule allows the punter to get half his money back when the ball lands on green. This rule applies to even money outside bets only. So if you are playing roulette for large stakes then you are best off just playing outside bets with a half money back for landing on zero.

The place to play high stakes roulette is VC Casino. With maximum outside bets of £5000 this is one of the biggest wagers you will be able to place online.

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